About Development Information Services
Development Information Services offers you services dealing with Data, Reporting, Gift Processing, and Technical Services. Managing the Banner database involves the entire DIS team in order to ensure that correct information has been entered, changed and deleted. Training on Banner is also provided by DIS to those users who have access to the system. Data is our business and we work hard to keep it safe, secure and available to those who need it.
University-Wide Support
Not only does DIS support University Advancement at Texas Christian University, but they also offer support the schools and colleges as well. DIS aims to lend a hand to all areas of TCU that strive to become part of the value-centered, world class leaders.
DIS Offers for Advancement:
  • Reporting
  • Data Mining
  • Computer Support
  • Data Entry
  • Web Technology Services
  • Gift Processing
Access the DIS Website
All DIS request forms can be found at https://advsolutions.tcu.edu/ for those internal to TCU.

You can also find request forms for Mailing and Reporting at my.tcu.edu, under the DIS Banner heading.